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Serverless – The “Uber” of cloud computing

It is interesting to see the rapid evolution of cloud computing models and the different computing abstractions that have come up in recent years. Operating systems abstracted hardware, virtual machines provided another layer of abstraction over hardware, containers and container … Continue reading

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Software Defined Storage – Trends, Opportunities, Challenges

Overview There is a strong movement in the industry towards “software defined everything” – compute, network, security, and storage, leading to a vision of software defined data center. In this blog post, I share my perspectives on the major storage … Continue reading

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New Productivity Suite in the Mobile Era – Who will be the Winner ?

In this blog post, I discuss the applicability of Christenson’s framework as outlined in his book “The Innovators Dilemma” to productivity suite market represented by products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint. My analysis leads me to believe that the conditions … Continue reading

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Enterprise Social Chaos

There is plenty of debate and discussion on whether enterprise social network (ESN) technologies create real and measurable value in the enterprise.  If you think enterprise social is a fad, you may want to stop reading because in this post, … Continue reading

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Mobile Application Management complexities – What’s the right solution ?

The consumerization of IT wave has created new opportunities. Vendors have rushed in with their offerings and the market is still in flux. In this post , I share my opinions and learnings from large enterprise customers trying to keep … Continue reading

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Can Lync with SDN address user experience challenges ?

Microsoft Lync is a UC solution getting rapidly adopted by enterprises. However, deployment and user adoption of any UC solution, and Lync is no different, is very challenging. There are several benefits of a UC technology such as Lync. It … Continue reading

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The evolving role of IT

Cloud, Social, Mobility and BigData are mega trends that are driving radical transformations of businesses. Much has been written on the these trends and how these trends are helping businesses be more productive and competitive. In this post, I share … Continue reading

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